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Enema Siliconized Nozzle Tip
    Enema Siliconized Nozzle Tip  
Enema Siliconized Nozzle Tip
  • Set of 10 Tapered, soft and pliable enema tips –Extremely useful attachment for Enema Kit
  • Smooth, closed end tip makes it comfortable for insertion without pain –side outlet for Water
  • Made of 100% medical grade material for fullest hygiene and safety during body contact
  • BPA free PVC which is safe, durable. Can be reused after washing with warm soapy water
  • Length of nozzle 3.5inch; opening- 1/4th of the inch
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Made out of high quality siliconized PVC, the BPA free medical grade nozzle tip is flexible and easy to use. It is more comfortable than the hard plastic tips and is durable. The flexible tip is used with ease without irritation. Also it is very easy to clean the nozzle and with its durability it can last long. It comes in translucent color.

An effective way for people to clean the lower bowel and to carry out medical treatment

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Enema Siliconized Nozzle Tip Enema Siliconized Nozzle Tip USD$ 13.95
Enema Siliconized Nozzle Tip
Siliconized Nozzle Tip
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