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Eye Relaxation Kit
    Eye Relaxation Kit   Eye Relaxation Kit   Eye Relaxation Kit  
Eye Relaxation Kit
  • Blackout sleep mask - gel pouch combo helps in battling insomnia sleep deprivation
  • Cold - Hot Gel pack can cooled down in the fridge, or heated up in a microwave
  • Excellent travelling accessory for frequent flyers, bag-packers, easy to reuse and carry
  • Helps with removing dark circles, puffiness, pain and redness of the eyes
  • Fights itchiness and other eye discomforts; soothes headaches, migraines as well
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The blackout mask and gel pack kit works as the perfect rejuvenation kit for your eyes. The velvety soft mask cushions and caresses the eye, holding it firmly around the head, while the slip-in hot and cold gel pouch provides therapeutic relaxation. The gel pouch can be chilled down by keeping it in a fridge or warmed up in the microwave, as per your requirement. The eye relaxation combo makes for a travelers friend since it’s easy to use and easier to carry around.

You must have the relaxation combo if you are a restless traveler, someone suffering from constant sleep deprivation and/or are going through a phase of constant headaches and migraine episodes.

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Eye Relaxation Kit Eye Relaxation Kit USD$ 8.95
Eye Relaxation Kit
Eye Relaxation Kit
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