Finger Exerciser
    Finger Exerciser   Strengthening Finger   Finger Exerciser Strengthening   Finger Exerciser Bender for Strengthening the finger Rehab Aid  
Finger Exerciser
  • Simple Ingenious tool for finger strengthening
  • Suitably padded with strap loop for comfort
  • Wire Coil spring action allows for gentle strength building
  • Suitable as an injury or rehab aid
  • Also suitable in case of finger infirmity or weakness
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This finger exerciser is an innovative tool to wear upon the finger for building strength in the finger. Very suitable in cases of injury recovery and as a rehab aid, where there is limited mobility in the finger. Extremely lightweight it is available for different finger sizes. Use as often to work-out your finger.

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Finger Exerciser Finger Exerciser USD$ 6.95
Finger Exerciser
Finger Exerciser
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11 Aug,2016

from Cuddapah , India
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