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Extended Protective Finger Splint
  • Provides support, protection and immobilization to injured finger knuckles.
  • Outer body made of aluminium; strong and malleable can be shaped for required flexion.
  • Inner body is made of soft Ethafoam for snug fit and to absorb mild shocks.
  • Has vents for ventilation and hook and loop fasteners for close fitting and firm grip.
  • Durable, hypoallergenic and has universal size (4-10 cm).
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The extended protective finger splint is designed to support, protect and immobilize the fractured or injured finger knuckles and metacarpals. The splint can be shaped to maintain proximal inter phalangeal joint (PIP) and metacarpophalangealjoint (MP) in required flexion. The long extended arm of the splint uniformly distributes force to provide dynamic support.

The outer material is aluminium which is malleable and protective. It makes the splint strong, light weight, and aesthetically pleasing as well suitable for providing rigid immobilization.

The inner material is soft Ethafoam to provide high cushioning for extra comfort and to absorb mild shocks. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Both the materials arehypoallergenic, non-toxic and of superior quality that increase durability of the splint.

It comes with inbuilt hook and loop Velcro fasteners to maintain the close fitting with excellent grip. The upper two fasteners of the splint circle the finger and the lower one circles the wrist (base of hand). Hence, these fasteners ensure required support and immobilization as well easy application and removal.

The splint has ergonomic U design to ensure required protection in case of injuries and burns. Its body has air vents to provide sufficient ventilation so that sweating can be reduced. It is of universal size.

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Extended Protective Finger Splint
Finger Splint Protective
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