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Flour Sifter
    Flour Sifter Effective Straining   Flour Effective Straining   Flour Effective Sifter   Sifter Flour Effective  
Flour Sifter for Effective Straining
  • Made of Robust Food Grade ABS Plastic: Lightweight, Anti-Bacterial and Non-Corrosive;
  • Convenient One-Hand working; includes scooper for easy scooping of flour and 3 sieve grades.
  • Non-Tedious Press & Release operation for shaking, straining and Sprinkling with single operation.
  • Available in Green color; Height: 9cm approx, Dia: 10 cm; Capacity 300 gms (about 3 cups).
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Today’s busy life requires such Kitchen equipments that can reduce work as well as time. This wonderful light-weight flour sifter is one of them to reduce time. 3 Sieves of different grit sizes as per the requirements can be easily used for straining. If very purest form of the flour without any roughage is required then sieve with Very Fine grits can be selected for the straining. For Flour containing moderate edible ingredients, medium Fine grit sieve can be used. The Coarse-Grit one can be used for flour with roughage. These sieves are easy to detach and lock. 2 specific different size slots are made on the lower base of the sifter and to fit in the slots, 2 extended fins are made at 2 nodes of the sieve. This size variation ensures the locking with the perfect lock while straining of the flour. Simple press and release mechanism of lever attached with the handle of the sifter is driven by a 100% Stainless Steel spring which ensures the effective and long-lasting service of the sifter.

This Sifter is designed in such way that products with very small grain sizes can be converted into powdered form for use and at the same time through this sifter, they can be sprinkled where required.

One complimentary scooper is provided for convenience in flour scooping. Will double up as your ice cream scooper too!

Made of food grade ABS plastic, both the sifter and scooper are easy to clean and do not tend to corrode or rust. Easy to clean in a soapy dish-wash.

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Flour Sifter for Effective Straining Flour Sifter for Effective USD$ 15.95
Flour Sifter for Effective Straining
Flour Sifter Effective
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