Foot Care Kit
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Foot Care Kit
  • Exclusive "Walk – able Foot Pack" enables mobility during application
  • Leak free and easy to use.
  • Contains Cucumber Extract and Aloe Extract which helps in softening the feet.
  • Foot file with fine grits helps you take off the rough layer of your feet easily.
  • Ingredients of the solution:- DI water, Collagen, glycerin, lactic acid, sodium lactate.
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Foot masks are very helpful these days for dead skin removal of feet. They are soothing and very convenient to use.

They can remove the thick, dead layers on the feet immediately to turn the foot skin delicate and soft.

Directions of Use:

Cut the pack along the line on the sticker. Put your foot in as if you are putting socks on. Tear the two sides of the water-proof sticker and press it to make the foot wear customized to take the contours of your foot.

For the best results,keep your feet in the pack for 90 minutes and then wash your feet with water. Within 5 days, the calluses should begin peeling off.

During wear, the essence of the foot mask is fastened well and acts evenly on the foot skin, which facilitates free walking and normal work.

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Foot Care Kit Foot Mask Kit USD$ 10.95
Foot Care Kit
Foot Care Kit
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