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Gel Big Toe-Pinky Toe
    Gel Big Toe-Pinky Toe   Pinky Toe Joint Bunion Guard  
Gel Big Toe-Pinky Toe Joint Bunion Guard
  • Corrects Bunions in the Big toe and Pinky toe simultaneously
  • Soft and cushiony texture frees the toes and feet from pain and discomfort
  • Stretches, Straightens & Aligns both toes, alleviating tension
  • Flexible design allows maximum comfort and support through the heel
  • 1 Pair - Standard size-fits all; durable and washable design, long-lasting comfort
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This silicone sling guard works wonders with correction of Bunion – Hallux Valgus deformity, overlapping and crooked toes. The sling strap is made from high quality soft silicone, which allows the guard to be flexible as well as provide ample support. The sling like appearance and double toe space provides an easy and simple way of correcting deformities in both toes. The soft gel guard is also great for alleviating foot pressure and muscle tension, providing an all-round protection wrapped in comfort.

The silicone strap wraps itself around the feet by going from the big toe to the heel and then back to the pinky toe, making the heel support both toes. It corrects the alignment of both the toes, spaces them, reduces bunion pains, and also decreases the chances of having feet ailments. The sling strap can be worn while sleeping, watching TV, reading a book or doing any other relaxing activity. So, read a book and literally put up your feet to let them heal.

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Gel Big Toe-Pinky Toe Joint Bunion Guard Gel Big Toe-Pinky Toe USD$ 9.45
Gel Big Toe-Pinky Toe Joint Bunion Guard
Gel Big Toe-Pinky Toe Joint Bunion Guard
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