Gopika Soap
    Gopika Soap   Skin soap  
Gopika Soap
  • 100% Vegetarian, cruelty-free soap
  • Made of 5 vital elements of Cow Produce
  • Suitable for dry skin
  • Protects skin from effects of Pollution
  • Inhibits skin diseases
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Conventional soaps can be most damaging for the skin. Besides containing carcinogenic compounds, they damage the skin while bringing about unforeseen skin complaints and ailments.

They also contain animal fats which in itself is a cruel practice and can cause skin pore clogging.

The Gopika soap changes all that. A 100% vegetarian cruelty free product, it is perhaps the only soap that encapsulates the 5 vital elements of cow produce to create a potent tonic for the skin.

The 5 vital elements of cow produce – also called Cow Panchgavya – are deeply dealt with in Ayurvedic and Vedic texts for the immense health benefits that they provide to humans. No wonder these elements are referred to as amrit (nectar) and the cow is worshipped as a mother in Indian culture.

These 5 elements – cow milk, cow ghee (clarified butter), dung, urine and yoghurt (from the native, forest bred Indian cow, as chronicled in Ayurveda) - are used in this soap besides natural essential oil for mild fragrance.

This cow panchgavya makes the skin soft with natural luster and keeps the skin naturally hydrated. It also protects the skin from pollution, radiation and infections and inhibits skin diseases such as cirrhosis. Very suitable for those suffering from dry skin.

With such powerful benefits, it is only the mental block of using elimination products that keeps us from benefiting naturally.

Do your skin a favor… use this precious Ayurvedic soap regularly!

Active Ingredients: Cow Milk, Ghee (clarified butter), dung, urine, yoghurt, natural essential oil

Packing: 75gms. (about 2 oz.)
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Gopika Soap Gopika Soap USD$ 4.95
Gopika Soap
Gopika Soap
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" "

16 Dec,2017

from Los Angeles , United States

  gopika soup is totally Ayurvedic.

"gopika soup is totally Ayurvedic, thats really a cool feature for a soup in india. it takes care of my skin. This is the best soup i ever used. "

25 Sep,2016

from bhubaneswar , India


"Your service and products are good except the Kesk Nikhar Hair Tonic. When I use it, a lot of hair fell from my scalp, the smell is so strong, it will not go even if I clean it with another shampoo. "

07 Mar,2014

from Chicago , United States
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