Hand Toning Kit
    Hand Toning Kit   Hand Toning Kit   Toning Kit   Hand Toning Kit  
Hand Toning Kit
  • Complete hand care and toning kit, releases muscle tension and relieves stress
  • Comes with two highly effective and patient compliant balls: Soft gel and Ortho
  • Soft gel ball exercise fingers and helps avoid carpel tunnel, arthritis
  • Orthopedic balls helps in improving the overall strength and function of hand muscles
  • Gel (1.8 inch in diameter) & Ortho (2.55 inch in diameter) Ball, both help in anger management
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Ever suffered hand and finger cramps that would just not go away? Well, in today’s world, when everything is digitalized it is tough to avoid incessant typing, be it work, answering e-mails at home or texting during commute.

We all put our hands under immense stress and forget to care for them, hence the ‘Hand Toning Kit’. This kit is the perfect solution to every finger cramp and fist pain you’ve ever felt. It includes two exercising and stress busting balls; a soft gel ball for exercising your fingers and a hard ortho ball for the hand muscles. These balls don’t just exercise and tone the hand muscles but also help in relieving stress and managing anger. The soft and firm texture of both these balls, provide adequate muscle stretch to relieve stiffness and pain.

Great for venting your anger and frustration on, the balls are a must have for people with busy desk jobs and/or high stress work environment.

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Hand Toning Kit Hand Toning Kit USD$ 10.75
Hand Toning Kit
Hand Toning Kit
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