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User Friendly Acupressure Clip – Set of 2 pcs.
  • Good for eye & ear health.
  • Helps in head-ache.
  • Maintains energy flow between different organs.
  • Useful in problems related to Kidney &Lungs.
  • Effective against Sinus related problems and allergies.
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Acupressure Clip is designed so well that it can easily touch points present on your hand. These points are connected to the different organs of the body.

It opens up the blockages and helps in making a smooth connection between different body organs and hence improves their functioning which ultimately gives immense health benefits, whether it’s a problem related to head ache, sinuses, kidney, lungs, gall bladder or any allergies.

It is made up of skin-friendly material, available in attractive color and due to its compact size, easy to carry and use.

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User Friendly Acupressure Clip – Set of 2 pcs. User Friendly Acupressure Clip USD$ 5.50
User Friendly Acupressure Clip
User Friendly Acupressure Clip
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"I think you should make an "instruction" how to use and send by e-mail or put with the packet. "

19 Dec,2017

from Pärnu mk. , -- Select Country --


"Product received as specified. Good product. "

05 Mar,2017

from HYDERABAD , India


" "

29 Jun,2016

from Biswanath Chariali , India
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