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Protection Underwear
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Hip Protection Underwear
  • Ideal for patients at risk for hip fracture; elderly individuals.
  • Has thin tapered, comfortable and soft padding, comfortable enough to sleep in.
  • Skin friendly sewn in hip pads help protect against fall injuries.
  • Innerwear containing pads for both hip bones as well as tail-bone protection pad.
  • No adverse side effects; machine washable.
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A hip fracture refers to a break of the top part of the femur bone where it connects to the pelvis.Falls are the most common cause of hip fractures. The majority of these fractures occur in elderly.

Hip fractures are associated with a high degree of morbidity and mortality, pain and hardship. The majority of people suffering hip fractures seldom regain their previous mobility and permanently lose their independence.

Hip protectors have soft pads specifically designed to protect your hip during a fall. These Hip protectors have the pads sewed in suitably to absorb the force from the fall and divert this force away from the hip bone.

The people are less likely to suffer from a hip fracture when wearing hip protectors. The chance of sustaining a hip fracture can be reduced by wearing a hip protector. They are comfortable and convenient.

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Hip Protection Underwear
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