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Inflatable Neck
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Inflatable Neck Pillow - Extra Softand Durable
  • Attractive, Skin-friendly, Soft gray velvet material : Extra soft and durable unlike other neck pillows.
  • Travel friendly with Storage pouch - has air tight valve for easy inflation and deflation.
  • Cradles and provides required support and alignment to neck : reduces neck, shoulder and back pain.
  • Ensures comfortable sleep or rest while travelling in airplane, train, bus, and car, etc.
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Travel sleep is difficult and uncomfortable without appropriate neck support. Moreover, Neck pain is a common health issue among people. Among several reasons, improper sleeping positions or lack of support to neck while sleeping or resting during long journeys, is a major cause. The inflatable neck pillow is designed to support and cradle your neck. It is a suitable companion while travelling in a plane, train, car, etc.

The wrong position of neck may lead to jaw pain, improper body posture and disturbed breathing patterns. The anatomical shape of the pillow aligns the spine and keeps the head in a more vertical position. It reduces strain on neck and improves the blood circulation of the neck and head region, which helps relieve neck, shoulder and back pain.

The pillow is made of a soft gray velvet material for maximum comfort which is better than the other rubber or hard material based neck pillows. The product is user-friendly, provided with a leakage proof safety valve for easy inflation and deflation. For best support and comfort, inflate the pillow up to ¾ of the air capacity.

The pillow comes with a travelling pouch; usually not available with most of neck pillows .It is light weight, durable and skin-friendly, when deflated it can be easily stored ina purse, travel-bagor briefcase.

The size of the pillow is 47x30 cm; suitable for children and adults. A recommended travel companion for the entire family.

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Inflatable Neck Pillow - Extra Softand Durable Inflatable Neck USD$ 19.04
Inflatable Neck Pillow
Inflatable Neck
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