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Inflatable Seat
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Inflatable Seat Cushion with Air Pump
  • Inflatable Softer flexible material - NOT rough, uncomfortable rubber cushions.
  • Robust construction with Superior Air-tight Valve; Absorbs impacts and vibrations.
  • Hollow design prevents pressure point discomfort - Chambered design for Comfort seating.
  • Reduces discomfort due to Hemorrhoids or Coccyx injury and even Skin discomforts and Sciatica.
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The inflatable seat cushion is designed to provide excellent support to those who sit for long duration of time. It gives postural support to pelvic area and can be used as a lumbar support product.

It is made of soft-to-touch and highly flexible comfortable material for comfortable and stress-free sitting on almost any sitting area; absorbs additional shocks or vibrations to create a stable seating environment. Its fabric and unique design makes it much better than other rubber or hard fabric based seat cushions.

It has an air tight valve which can be easily pulled out and closed for inflation or deflation. It comes with a user-friendly handy air pump. To inflate the cushion extend it fully, then pull out the valve, squeeze thevalve bottom and blow beforeinflation. It is recommended to fill the cushion with 80% of air capacity for better results. When inflated it has a diameter of 46 cm including the inner diameter (15cm) of the hollow space.

Its chambered design is helpful for people with tailbone or coccyx injury and hemorrhoid related discomforts. The hollow design of the round cushion further helps in prevention of soreness or irritation of skin caused by past childbirth and hemorrhoids, also suitable for sciatica and after surgery patients. These unique features are lacking in most of the other seat cushions available in the market.

The product is travel and storage friendly. The deflated cushion can be folded to store in your hand bag or briefcase; can be used at home or while travelling.

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Inflatable Seat Cushion with Air Pump Inflatable Seat Cushion USD$ 19.50
Inflatable Seat Cushion
Inflatable Seat
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"The cushion was easy to inflate and has stood up to the stress of daily use very well. So well, I am about to buy a second one. I have bought inflatable cushions via Amazon in the past that are cheaper but of variable durability and none of them survived more than a month. they might be cheaper but they are a poor buy, given that they can`t cope with someone who is seriously large, as i am. "

24 Jul,2017

from London , United Kingdom
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