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  • For those who find it difficult to co-ordinate the inhaling process while using inhalers, specially infants and old-age people.
  • Fuller amount of drugreaches the lungs through deeper penetration.
  • Helps to prevent sticking of medication in throat and mouth to avoid side-effects.
  • The shape of the mask provides a comfortable snug fit, exhalation vent provided for easier breathing.
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In order to properly use an inhaler, one has to co-ordinate a number of actions in a set order as pressing down on the inhaler, breathing in deeply as soon as the medication is released, holding your breath; exhaling. Not all the patients are able to master the sequence. Using spacers avoid such timing issues. Spacers slow down the speed of the aerosols coming from the inhaler so that maximum quantity of medication may get into the lungs. Using spacers less medication is needed for an effective dose to reach the lungs. The spacer helps to prevent thrush of the throat and mouth by reducing the amount of medication that comes in contact with the back of the throat. Spacer also prevents medicine from escaping into the air. It reduces aerosol droplet size by evaporation, enchancing deep lung penetration.

Anti static property of polyamides does not allow the powdered medicament depositing on the inner walls of the chamber so that the fullest dose can be inhaled by the patients. Conical shape of spacer is combined with air slits to generate an air cushion that keeps drug aerosols off of the spacer walls. Unique one way-valve opens more easily during inhalation and closes completely during exhalation. This helps breathing impaired patients to get more dispensed drug deeper into the lungs.

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Inhaler Spacer
Inhaler Spacer
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