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4 Knob Body Massage Tool
    4 Knob Body Massage Tool  
4 Knob Body Massage Tool
  • Unique design of massager provides intense relief to the painful trigger points
  • Larger node diffuses gentle pressure to broad muscle area providing a relaxing massage
  • Smaller node is ideal for deeper & specific massage useful in the circulation of blood flow
  • Compact, handheld massaging aid has 4 round & smooth knobs to help ease muscle tension
  • Size: approx. 10cm x 8cm (L x H), Colour- Random, Lightweight, Portable
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Muscle pain, aches and body tension are a household problem. The special design of the massager gives better efficiency when massaging the targeted muscles. The uniquely shaped handgrip provides soft tissue therapy without straining hands. Compact and lightweight massager is portable and can be used in office, at home, or any other place. There are 4 knobs in the massager which helps to precisely put pressure on the targeted area and eliminate soreness and muscle tension. Massaging relieves stress, relaxes the body muscles, eliminate deep rooted knots and trigger points, improves blood circulation and helps in relieving and curing many other body aches.

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4 Knob Body Massage Tool Knob Body Massage Tool USD$ 8.99
4 Knob Body Massage Tool
Knob Body Massage Tool
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