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PVA Door Stopper
Made of flexible, durable plastic-PVC; long lasting material - anti-fragile
USD$ 5.20
Wooden Limb Massager
Robust, Handcrafted Wooden Massage Roller – High quality seasoned wood
USD$ 12.50
Hand Nerve Stimulation Kit
The Kit – Includes palm massager, finger massager and trigger point massager of 2 sizes
USD$ 8.95
Deodorizing and Waterproof Travelling Shoe Bag
Excellent Smell absorbence - Activated carbon stitched inside – sterilizer
USD$ 7.95
Vomit Bags – 10 Pack
Constructed of special thick non porous paper - No plastic contents
USD$ 14.85
Feeding bottle tongs
Made of BPA free medical grade plastic – heat resistant and light to carry
USD$ 14.95
Wooden Spine Roller and Massager
Handcrafted, robust and 100% organic- high quality wood and polish
USD$ 13.50
Baby Tongue Brush
Premium quality, non-toxic and BPA-free tongue brush – Safe for babies
USD$ 8.85
Infant Thermometer Strip (pack of 2)
Easy and Comfortable – It is just a thin strip, easy to handle and comfortable to use
USD$ 9.95

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