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Full Leg
    Full Leg Cast Cover  
Full Leg Cast Cover
  • Keeps the cast, bandages and prosthesis dry during shower or bath.
  • Unique design; water tight rigid ring and expandable diaphragm for quick one hand application.
  • Transparent non-porous body; prevents accumulation of dust or pollutants for better hygiene.
  • Ring with Self sealing mechanism; easily accommodates any cast size.
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The leg cast cover is designed to protect the cast of injured leg from water, moisture, and pollutants. It enables the user to enjoy bath or shower without getting the cast wet. It has water tight seal above the cast that keeps the water out even if you completely submerge the cast.

The body is made of high grade materials; PVC, rubber, and poly propylene so it is highly durable and prevents re-casts.

The innovative design features a rubber diaphragm and a rigid ring. The diaphragm can be expanded to easily accommodate any leg cast size; provides water tight comfortable seal and allows easy pull on application.

The rigid ring ensures a self-sealing mechanism; also assists in easy application and removal of the cast.

The water tight body is soft, flexible and transparent. Its non-sticky and non-porous surface does not allow accumulation of dust, pollutants and water.

The ergonomic design keeps the cast cover free from knots, ties and allows free foot movement.

The product is light in weight and has pleasing aesthetics. One size fits all, for size take the circumference of the leg above the cast and total length of the cast; Circumference 14-28 inches (35.5-71.0 cms) and length is up to 34.5 inches (87.5 cms).

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Full Leg Cast Cover Full Leg Cast USD$ 18.75
Full Leg Cast Cover
Full Leg Cast Cover
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