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Lime Juice Squeezer
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Lime Juice Squeezer with Opener
  • Heavy stainless steel Lemon Squeezer: Rust-free and Non-Toxic compared to plastic ones.
  • Comes along with an Opener to open the knurled caps of different bottles easily; Fatigue free.
  • Easy to Squeeze with comfortable grip handle, Squeezes the maximum out in 1 Stroke.
  • Filter has small holes to strain seeds with it and only percolate Lime-juice; Robust; Long-Lasting.
  • Designed with Precision; Standard size; Weight-154gms; Bright Finish; Dishwasher Safe.
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While working in the kitchen, it is comfortable to have products making your kitchen work quick and easy. Also to avoid messiness, kitchen equipment can be a great aid. Lime juice has its own significance in food. Besides adding to natural health through its vitamin content, we generally use it as a flavor enhancer in dishes and salads. But squeezing from the lemon is real task as lemons are hard to squeeze with hands and require more strength. Adding to that, it takes time also without taking the whole juice from the lemons.

To overcome this hassle, Lemon squeezers are a big help. There are plenty of Squeezers available in the market. But what makes this special is its material. It is made of heavy high grade stainless steel which does not tend to rust and has requires lesser effort. Also as compared to other metals, it is non-toxic. The Filter side of the squeezer has small holes which do not allow seeds of lemon to pass through and are retained in the filter. The Lime juice filtered in the vessel is seed free and ready to use.

Lemon squeezers can be easily washed after use and do not break. All the edges are filleted to avoid nicks and cuts while using.

They can be easily washed with dish soap and are also dishwasher friendly.

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Lime Juice Squeezer with Opener Lime Juice Squeezer USD$ 13.34
Lime Juice Squeezer with Opener
Lime Juice Opener
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