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Stainless Steel Liquid
    Liquid Food Dispenser   Steel Liquid Food   Liquid Food Dispenser   Stainless Steel Dispenser  
Stainless Steel Liquid Food Dispenser
  • Made of High Quality Food Grade Stainless Steel: non-fragile and corrosion resistant.
  • Liquid remains fresh and pure; Easy to pour Controlled quantity of edible liquids.
  • Comparatively hygienic to store edible liquids as the dispenser remains closed with the cap.
  • Spill free Spout: Narrow tip for exact pour; suitable for oils, vinegar, honey and sauces.
  • Outer Body: Steel grey color; can hold 500 ml; Dishwasher Safe.
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While working in kitchen, we always take care of hygiene. We prefer to use such products which make our work easier. Liquid dispenser has great utility value. It holds 500 ml of any edible liquid. Being made of stainless steel, the liquid kept in it remains fresh and hygienic without adding any contaminant. The high quality steel is unbreakable which increases its life.

The tip at the mouth of the dispenser controls the pouring quantity of liquid which makes for precision pours. It is easy to wash and also dishwasher safe.

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Stainless Steel Liquid Food Dispenser Liquid Food Dispenser USD$ 19.22
Stainless Steel Liquid Food Dispenser
Liquid Food Dispenser
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