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Lumbo Lacepull Back Belt
    Lumbo Lacepull Back Belt  
Lumbo Lacepull Back Belt
  • Specifically used for post-operative stabilization and multi-level decompression/ traction
  • Unique, independent top bottom pressure control feature applies the right pressure
  • Built with lace pull mechanism & highly porous body to provide less force compression
  • Lace pull mechanism helps in fuller gripping, no slippage or loosening of the belt
  • Can be used easily without external aid: Available in Universal (UNI) Size.
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In today’s hectic work and schedule, one forgets to take care of himself/herself resulting in numerous body problems. One of the most common problems faced by the person is back pain and its related disabilities. That’s why the lumbo lace pull brace belt has been uniquely designed that heals and relieves the back problems/pain faster.

The Lacepull Brace Belt is designed with an anatomical back panel that applies the right pressure in the lower back and also the design makes it comfortable to wear. It ergonomically braces the waist which helps the sufferer to use it easily without the help of another person. It is not only used for the lower back muscle pain but is also used to improve posture and in spinal fractures. The product is made of superior quality.

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Lumbo Lacepull Back Belt Lumbo Lacepull Back Belt USD$ 59.95
Lumbo Lacepull Back Belt
Lumbo Lacepull Back Belt
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