Mala Beads for Spiritual Health during Pregnancy
    Mala Beads for Spiritual Health during Pregnancy   Semi precious Stone Malas for Energy   Bracelet options available   Health during Pregnancy Mala  
Mala Beads for Pregnancy Health
  • Select Wooden Mala Beads
  • Offer Emotional wellbeing during Pregnancy
  • Wear around the neck or wrist
  • Stimulates positive energy
  • Ships Worldwide
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Pregnancy is a time of huge energy upheavals for the mother-to-be.

At this time, it is important for the woman to be connected with herself and her soon-to-arrive little one; because nobody - just nobody - can really understand your emotional state.

Mala beads provide a unique positive energy when worn or even when used for prayer. These beads made of sacred woods, or seeds provide a soothing and healing effect by rebalancing the energies.

While Malas have been used across religions and sects - Christians use the rosary, Hindus use the Rudraksha among others - nevertheless, the real rationale of using these beads is for the spiritual or positive energy that transcends the organism wearing it with faith.

We at HealthAndYoga, have been bringing these simple yet extremely helpful beads to benefit people for over a decade. They have made an immense positive difference to their lives.

For your pregnancy, we recommend the following beads:
We also bring them at among the most reasonable prices that you can find anywhere.

You can wear the mala on the neck or the bracelet made of these beads on the hand. Simply wear them at all times, as your personal anchor - holding them or feeling them periodically, especially when you feel disturbed or low...

Oh yes... they are trendy and make a fashion statement too…
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Rosewood Malas

These beads which form a deep ruddy brown color, are mostly used for strengthening the individual's aura while repelling the negative energy. Besides this, rosewood is believed to improve the circulation, something very beneficial for you and your fetus.

Length: 42 CMS approx. well knotted and with a tassel
Bead Size : 8 MM

Rosewood Malas
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" The Mala beads are very awesome, well done, and a great quality for such an awesome price. I couldn`t have asked for better! "

Michelle, Atlanta, GA

" I had purchased 2 rose mala beads. One for myself and the other for a good friend. Since then, we've received wonderful compliments. My friend's expression upon opening her gift was," I've been wanting one & they are hard to find. Smells good too." Thank you again for your swift delivery and you kindness concern "

Mary,Altamonte Springs, Florida

Item Photos Price
Rose Wood Mala Rose Wood Mala USD$ 6.95
Mala With Bag (Saffron Mala Bag) Rose Wood Mala + Bag USD$ 12.90
Also available as a Bracelet of 27 beads in elastic.
Rose Wood Bracelet Rose Wood Bracelet USD$3.50

Lotus Mala

Lotus is believed to reduce pitta imbalances. The oval seeds of the lotus are a smooth matte brown color and known for their cooling effect. It is seen as a rejuvenative and good for first Chakra issues, an important energy centre during pregnancy.

Length: 85 CMS approx. well knotted and with a tassel
Bead Size : 9-10 MM

Lotus Mala
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" I received my mala yesterday. It's simply beautiful, wonderful, spectacular and just what I needed!! No cracked or broken seeds, well-knotted, and absolutely lovely to hold and pray / chant / meditate with!! I can hardly put it down!! It adds such power and beauty to my prayer / devotional time. To say that I'm extremely thrilled and impressed with this company and their products, based on my experience, would be a vast understatement!! If you want a high-quality mala at a fantastic price from wonderful people, look no further!! Brightest blessings and namaste to everyone! "

Kim, Burnsville, NC

Item Photos Price
Lotus Mala Lotus Mala USD$ 13.64
Mala With Bag (Saffron Mala Bag) Mala With Bag USD$ 14.90

Tulsi Mala

Tulsi often referred to as the "sacred basil" is the most sacred of the woods. Tulsi clears the aura and helps to balance vata and kapha doshas, bringing a calming effect.

Length: 41 cms. approx. well knotted and with a tassel
Bead Size : 8MM

Tulsi Mala
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" Namaste. The tulsi mala beads and bag were my first order from you. I am totally delighted and enriched by my purchase! The beads are a real assist in clearing my mind for meditation and are comforting to the touch. The saffron-colored bag in which to store them is well-made and very unusual. My order was filled in a prompt, timely manner, and I look forward to future purchases from you. Many, many thanks!x.. "

T.V, Palm Harbor, FL

Item Photos Price
Tulsi Wood Mala Tulsi Wood Mala USD$ 7.95
Mala With Bag (Saffron Mala Bag) Tulsi Wood Mala + Bag USD$ 11.95
Also available as a Bracelet of 27 beads in elastic.
Tulsi Wood Bracelet Tulsi Wood Bracelet USD$3.95

Sandalwood Mala

Sandalwood is naturally fragrant and exceedingly smooth. Sandalwood has traditionally been regarded as one of the purest substances and is valued for its cooling properties and its medicinal value too. It is believed to

Promote Tranquility

and a positive frame of mind.

Length: 39 CMS, well knotted and with a tassel
Bead Size : 8MM

Sandalwood Mala
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" LOVE my mala - thank you so much! The sandalwood mala I received from Health and Yoga has helped restore the peace and sanity prayer brings! Thanks. "

S.W, Reedley, CA

Item Photos Price
Sandal Wood Mala Sandal Wood Mala USD$16.00
Mala With Bag (Saffron Mala Bag) Sandal Wood Mala + Bag USD$21.95
Also available as a Bracelet of 27 beads in elastic.
Sandal Wood Bracelet Sandal Wood Bracelet USD$8.00
For the FULL range of Mala Beads and to feel what is right for you, click here
Mala Beads for Spiritual Health during Pregnancy
Mala Beads for Spiritual Health during Pregnancy
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"Very nice bracelets! Just one suggestion: could they be adjustable to fit any size of wrists? Some were a little too tight for certain persons... "

10 Sep,2017

from Houlette , France


"Please be advised that we did send a reply (see below)and are thrilled with our Malas!
Please feel free to use my review as you might wish!
Peace and Blessings
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Friday, May 5 09:29 AM | Show Details | View source

Re: Your Order at

I wanted to let you know that we received our Tulsi Malas and bracelets last evening. We are thrilled! My husband is new to the practice and excited to begin. I love the feel of the Tulsi and the spirituality I feel from them. We will definitely be passing on your website and ordering again! Thank you!
Peace and Blessings to you and yours,
Barb and Ron Sost
Ewing, NJ


24 May,2017

from Ewing , United States


"I ordered five strands of malas and received them within about a week. I`m very pleased with the quality and the free draw-string bags in which they arrived. I wish the amethyst and carnelian beads were larger, which would have made japa w/them easier (the product descriptions did say these beads are smaller than the other malas I ordered), but they are still very attractive.

Healthy & Yoga did a great job in fulfilling my order timely. "

10 Apr,2017

from Tamarac , United States
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