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Breast Pump
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Manual Breast Pump - Pull Handle Design With Uniform Suction
  • Ideal tool to express the breast-milk; natural suckling pattern assists in faster let-down.
  • Pull handle design, dual ring silica shield aids in uniform suction; prevents mammilla collapse.
  • Has 120 ml BPA-free feeding bottle with a bottle stand; to prevent milk spillage.
  • Compact and Exquisite, parts made of medical grade materials- PP, ABS and Silica Gel.
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Breast feeding is strongly recommended for babies’ growth. Breast milk is rich in immunogenic molecules required by babies. The breast pump is designed to make expressing milk easy and comfortable. It is very helpful for mothers who are working or those who find feeding the baby directly inconvenient.

It has a pull handle design for easy self-application and adjustable pumping similar to baby’s suckling pattern that assists in faster let-down. Its dual ring silica shield and the four air inlet design assists in uniform suction around mammilla which reduces pain and prevents mammilla collapse.

The 120 ml BPA-free feeding bottle is provided to collect the milk, comes with a bottle stand to prevent topping or milk spillage. Thus, irrespective of your sitting position, its user-friendly design helps in easy flow of milk from the breast into the feeding bottle.

All the components of the breast pump are made of medical grade materials, such as, PP, ABS, and Silica Gel. The product is compact and exquisite, can be carried while travelling.

It is easy to use; you will enjoy the entire process. Also, recommended for lactating mothers whose babies have suckling problem.Its use makes the mothers healthier and more beautiful. Thus, the breast pump is highly beneficial for both, the mother and baby.

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Manual Breast Pump Manual Breast Pump USD$ 27.68
Manual Breast Pump
Manual Breast Pump
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