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Massage Table Sheets
    Massage Table Sheets  
Massage Table Sheets Set of 3
  • Disposable massage bed sheets;White,Made of Non-Woven Material;Won't leave residues
  • Hygienic;Avoids direct contact of Client’s body & massage table,Non-Sticky;Odorless
  • Laminated;Absorbs massaging oils without percolation;protects table from stains & odors
  • Larger size:76 x 182;High quality Bed sheet; Soft on skin;Doesn't leave rashes
  • Maintains Massage table clean & Unused for next massage session;Each Sheet-Single Use
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Set of disposable massage bed sheets is a necessary product for spas and massage therapies. These white bed sheets are sufficiently large in size for clients to lie upon. It absorbs oil, creams or other massage related ointments leaving clients fresh and non-sticky.

The Sheet is disposable and for single use only. It is fresh, clean and brings purity with its pure White color. These odorless sheets are extremely hygienic and hypoallergenic and provide a hygienic separation between the boy and the table.

Being Laminated they prevent the seepage of oils and creams to the surface below, leaving your table fresh and untouched after every session. The non woven fabric does not leave tissue strands or any kind of sheet residue stuck o the body.

This economical set of bed sheets is a must have for all spas and massage parlors. Also, it can be used in salons for giving facials and other services.

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Massage Table Sheets Set of 3 Massage Table Sheets USD$ 8.85
Massage Table Sheets Set of 5 Massage Table Sheets USD$ 9.95
Massage Table Sheets
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