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Maternity Ballets
    Maternity Ballet   Maternity Ballet Shoes   Ballets Shoes   Maternity Shoes  
Comfortable, Anti-Skid Maternity Ballets Shoes
  • Flexible leather; Reduces leg pain and swelling of feet during pregnancy
  • Insole: Contains Aloe-Vera sweat absorbing Paper sheet to control excessive sweating
  • Bite-Free; Stretchable in all the directions and easily gets contracted as per shape of feet
  • Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) sole ensures Anti-skidding and Anti-Slipping of shoes
  • Available in camel colour Available Size
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Motherhood is a blessing from God to all ladies. It is the most wonderful as well as most painful time for them. They face so many changes in the whole span of pregnancy. They have to go through excessive sweating, swollen feet and sometimes unbearable leg pain.

Women should take the best care of themselves in these days. Avoiding heels, they should wear something which can easily bear the pressure without reacting. Flat Maternity Ballets can be the best option to walk with.

Maternity Shoes, made of TPR soles, are in Ballets style which makes them look really fancy and stylish. They have power cushioning insoles made of 4 layers: At the bottom, lies the Aloe Vera Sweat absorbing Sheet, above which lies a High Density Foam layer; then a Cushion Foam Layer and finally a Breathable Suede Layer at the very top. They have very soothing fragrance and are Bite-Free. They truly are women’s best comfy shoes during pregnancy.

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Maternity Ballets Shoes Maternity Ballet Shoes (View Size Chart ) USD$ 29.95
Maternity Ballets Shoes
Maternity Ballets Shoes
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