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Meditation Bench–Rosewood
    Meditation Bench – Rosewood   Indian Rosewood   Comfortable Meditation   Modern Lifestyles  
Meditation Bench – Rosewood
  • Made of richly streaked Indian Rosewood - Robust and Durable
  • Thoughtfully designed – Inclined Plane for comfort seating
  • Hinged legs – can be easily folded and stored
  • Exquisitely designed with richly carved legs
  • Seat 18" x 7" ; Height: 6" (Front) / 7" (Back)
  • Recommended for longer & comfortable meditation seating
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Yoga has several meditative postures that stimulate the blood flow to the brain and enhance the quieting response to help slip quicker into a meditative state.

These poses involve squatting or kneeling postures as they are found beneficial for the twin objectives of keeping the spine straight while enhancing blood flow to the brain.

Our modern lifestyles seldom require us to squat or seat in a kneeling posture, especially for longer durations. Forced seating in this manner can cause undue pressure on the knees and knee ligaments, resulting in undue discomfort, inflammation and pain.

The solution for meditation lies in having a meditation bench. By providing a suitably elevated seat under which our legs can be tucked, the pressure on the knees is alleviated. At the same time, the elevated seat helps being seated comfortably for longer durations.

The H&Y meditation bench has been lovingly hand carved out of Indian Rosewood. The inclined base ensures that you are comfortably seated on the base (the edge does not press against the buttocks) at all times. This suitable inclination also ensures that your spine remains upright – an important prerequisite for meditation.

Hinged legs are provided so that you simply fold the bench after use and tuck it under the table or bed; no assembling or multiple parts.

Simply prepare to sit in a kneeling posture on the floor. Open the mediation bench with the bench legs on either side of your calves; then sit back and complete the kneeling posture by resting your buttocks on the bench floor.

The meditation bench is a suitable device for anyone who loves meditation but is limited by physical aches & pains for more meaningful meditation sessions.

Using the meditation bench for 10 minutes after your meals (especially dinner) is also strongly recommended to enhance & stimulate the digestive process, resulting in fuller digestion and lesser bloating.

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Meditation Bench – Rosewood Meditation Bench–Rosewood USD$ 59.95
Meditation Bench – Rosewood
Meditation Bench – Rosewood
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