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Nasal Aspirator
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Nasal Aspirator – Non Invasive
  • Designed to give immediate relief from nasal congestion- effectively draws mucus from nose.
  • Made of latex free polypropylene- BPA and Phthalate free.
  • Parts include rubber pump for controlled suction, and a choice of nozzles for different nasal shapes.
  • Nozzles are detachable and dishwasher safe Easy to clean and maintain.
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The nasal aspirator is scientifically designed to suck out mucus from clogged noses of infants without harming the soft mucus membrane of the babies. It has a rubber pump, and nozzle inserts which won’t damage the soft mucus membrane of your child. There is a choice of two different nozzle shapes; use the one depending upon what works best at the time.

It gives instant relief from nasal congestion as the mucus is efficiently drawn from the nose. Hence, the nasal aspirator provides an easy, quick and effective way to keep your baby snot free.

The nasal aspirator is phthalate and BPA free and is made out of non-toxic, non-allergenic and latex free polypropylene. The smooth nozzle is designed to fit easily into the little nostril of your child and the rubber pump can be used with great ease to provide required or repeated gentle suction. Just squeeze the bulb portion of the aspirator then place the end against the baby’s nostril and release the pressure.

The parts of the nasal aspirator are detachable hence it is easy to clean and maintain and is dishwasher safe. It is the pediatrician recommended method for the instant relief from unmanageable nasal congestion in infants.

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Infant Nasal Aspirator – Non Invasive Nasal Aspirator - Non Invasive USD$ 8.80
Nasal Aspirator - Non Invasive
Baby Nasal
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