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Neck Massager
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Neck Ease Massager
  • Equipped with special Point massage Knobs which help in reducing muscle tension stiffness of the neck.
  • Knobscan be adjusted in desirable direction by pulling and rotating upto 360 degree.
  • Flexible arms allow the user to apply as much pain-releasing pressure for as long as required.
  • Product size: 31cm *19.8 cm ;Portable and Lightweight:230grms.
  • Made of Eco-Friendly Material: PP,ABS and TPR; Ideal for home, office and travel.
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Our busy-routine life is accompanied with the hell of stress and pain. One of the most common pains is neck muscle stiffness and neck and shoulder pains. This specially designed Neck Ease Massager is a wonder for easing neck stiffness as well as inducing deep relaxation to the neck muscles and the adjoining shoulder muscles. It has 2 adjustable knobs to provide relief. These knobs can be set as per requirement at pressure points. Maximum comfort is attained by pressing the massager knobs at the relevant pain points in the neck. The two long arms of massager grip help easily to position the pressure knobs over the affected area on the neck; just closing the arms together, creates the relevant pressure on the knobs to effectively massage the affected area.

Keep this massager as a handy too to relax your neck muscles after a tiring days work… you won’t be disappointed!

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Neck Ease Massager Baby Tongue Cleaner USD$ 12.50
Neck Ease Massager
Ease Massager
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