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Neem Wood Massage Roller
    Neem Wood Massage Roller   Neem Wood Massage   Massager Neem Wood   Wood Massage Neem  
Neem Wood Massage Roller
  • Enhance circulation with a couple of minutes of regular use
  • Removes tightness from neck and shoulders
  • Tone your muscles and relax by rolling on arms and legs
  • Carved from Germicidal Neem wood known for medicinal properties
  • Smooth roller mechanism with easy hand grip and stimulating nodes
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Acupressure massage tools are wonderful manual massage tools aimed at removing energy blockages and knots in the body. They enhance circulation and remove tightness in muscles and ligaments.

The neem wood massage roller is a high quality tool made from Neem wood. The smooth roller mechanism and diligently carved acupressure nodes provide a deeply satisfying experience and improve skin health.

Provided with a comfort hand grip, this tool can be maneuvered over almost all the body parts including neck and shoulders, arms and legs. Also run this over the back of your hand to stimulate the vessels over the metacarpals – suitable for carpals tunnel syndrome and other circulatory disorders.

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Neem Wood Massage Roller Neem Wood Massage Roller USD$ 11.95
Neem Wood Massage Roller
Neem Wood Massage Roller
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