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Oral Hygiene Kit for Babies
    Oral Hygiene Kit for Babies  
Essential Oral Hygiene Kit for Babies
  • Must-have Kit for Little Babies: Rainbow color Teething Necklace & Anti-abrasive Tongue cleaner
  • Tongue cleaner: Made of Thermoplastic Rubber; Curved handle exerts required but gentle pressure
  • Soft Circle gently drags away residues & bacterial coatings from babies’ tongue
  • Necklace - Food Grade Silicone beads: Very safe to chew; Soothers for itchy gums;
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Little babies require extra attention and care. Whatever they take into their mouth, it directly affects their overall health.

Baby tongue cleaner is very helpful in maintaining their oral hygiene. Bacterial coatings and residues of milk can be easily dragged out from their delicate tongue with the ultra soft circle of the tongue cleaner. The snail rings provide comfortable grip to the parents to hold it properly without harming babies’ gums. The Handle of cleaner is made of Polypropylene and soft circle is made of thermoplastic rubber.

With their developing teeth, Babies feel itching on their gums and start looking for something to take into their mouth. Teething necklace is helpful for mothers in such cases. Being made of food grade silicone, it is very safe to chew on. It does not have any taste but its softness is soothing on their gums. Also it helps the parents to keep their babies focused on it and keeping them engaged while sponging and nursing them. It is bright in color and looks stylish also to worn by mothers.

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Essential Oral Hygiene Kit for Babies Oral Hygiene Kit for Babies USD$ 19.95
Essential Oral Hygiene Kit for Babies
Oral Hygiene Kit for Babies
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