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Palm and Finger Massager
    Palm and Finger Massager   Palm and Finger Massager   Palm and Finger Massager   Palm and Finger Massager  
Palm and Finger Massager
  • Made from 100% recyclable plastic; 6 smooth metal rods to hold on 60 rollers – effortless movement.
  • Rounded off edges- gentle pressure on pressure points; ideal device for all age groups – no side effects.
  • Fast relief from pain, fatigue and stress- natural palm and finger massager- based on acupressure therapy; channelizes energy.
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To get instant relief from pain and fatigue this Palm and Finger Massager is the best and natural way. This acupressure massage tool provides fast relief from pain, stress and fatigue. Its regular use helps restore total health, fights against diseases and unlocks tension. Being made from high grade, non toxic and 100% recyclable plastic this massager has no side effects and is safe for all age groups. This massager is equipped with 60 rollers that have been strategically placed on 6 metal rods. There are foldable joints that help the massager adapt to your palm surface to maximize massage area on palm.

The smooth finish of the rods ensures effort less movement. Being based on the ancient Chinese acupressure science of reflexology and the art of healing through palm, this massager allows energy to flow through different parts of the body. Due to an imbalanced life style, stress - emotional or physical - or due to injury this energy flow is blocked, developing many physical aliments and can even lead to symptoms of moodiness or depression. The rounded-off edges of the rollers apply minimal force on the pressure points without hurting your skin or muscles and channelize blood to unblock blocked meridians. This technique exerts pressure on correct vital points that will stimulate the flow of energy. It has a comfortable palm fit design and is available in an attractive colour. Its functioning is easy and being compact, slick, light in weight and foldable, it can be carried anywhere.

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Palm and Finger Massager Palm and Finger Massager USD$ 13.25
Palm and Finger Massager
Palm and Finger Massager
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