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Peak Flow
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Peak Flow Meter with Cover Arm
  • Provides objective measurement of Peak Expiratory Flow to monitor Asthma or Lung Performance.
  • Has integrated scale with non-slip color coded zones to analyze the measurement.
  • Handle easily turns into a case or cover to protect it from dust or pollutants.
  • Portable, durable and measurement ranges from 100 to 850 liters per minute.
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The peak flow meter is a scientifically designed portable device to measure lung capacity or airflow in the lungs. It offers an easy and quick way to measure peak expiratory flow which helps you to monitor and control your asthma conditions as well as lung function.

It helps you and your doctor monitor your breathing pattern closely that helps the doctor in providing the best treatment for you.

The product is durable and made from skin-friendly plastic.It has an integrated scale with measurement ranging from 100 to 850 liters per minute.

It comes with a separate thin colored strip to line up with alert numbers on the integrated scale. The alert number for your lung capacity will be provided by your doctor or healthcare professional accordingly you can stick the color coded strip on the tool. The unique feature of the strip is that it will not slip or change its position like other movable color coded zones in most of the peak flow meters.

The yellow indicator moves smoothly as you blow the air into the mouthpiece to give you correct reading of your breathing rate.It will correspond to any one color out of the three on the color coded strip; red color indicates critical condition, yellow is for average condition, and green and above shows you are perfectly fit.

The anatomical shape of mouth piece helps in forming a tight seal around the mouthpiece. It features an easy to fold handle which also act as cover or case to protect the tool from dust or other environmental pollutants when not in use.

It comes withan instruction manual anda peak flow meter chart which helps you to understand, monitor or evaluate your lung performance and asthma.

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Peak Flow Meter
Peak Flow Meter
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