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Pedometer for Counting Steps and Calories Burnt
  • Effective way to measure the step counts or calories burnt and evaluate the progress.
  • User - friendly; can be easily clipped on to belt, waistband or carried in pocket.
  • Compact, slim and sleek with easy to read automatic digital display.
  • Gives detailed figures post exercise; step counts, kilometer counts, mile counts and calories counts.
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Walking gives innumerable health benefits, such as improved heart health, weight loss and prevents osteoporosis, etc. With this objective, the pedometer is designed to count your steps, distanced walked and the calories burnt.

It empowers the user to better understand their bodies so they can reduce the chances of illnesses or prevent them altogether. You can easily set targets for you and evaluate the progress. Getting aware of the progress made motivates one to further continue and increase the efforts.

The pedometer is a compact, sleek and slim device and can on easily clipped on belt, waistband or any other convenient location, keep it close to the centre of your body. It has easy to read digital display which works automatically.

It is easy to operate; two buttons are provided on the pedometer –a smaller and a larger one. To start the measurement, press the smaller button and to get the details of your work in sequence such as mile counts, kilometer counts, calorie counts press the larger button.

The unique feature of the device is that it can distinguish between walking and jogging and makes the measurement accordingly. According to a study walking is a healthy activity and in a single day pedometer users walk 2000 more steps than non-users.

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Pedometer for Counting Steps and Calories Burnt
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