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Pill Cutter and Crusher with Cup
  • 4 in 1 tool -tablet cutter, crusher, pill storage container and a drinking cup.
  • Integrated sharp stainless steel blade; easily cuts pills in half.
  • Built in container for medication and vitamins.
  • Weighted crusher to crush the pill to a fine powder; also acts as a drinking cup.
  • Made of high grade plastic, dishwasher safe, compact and durable; travel friendly.
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The pill cutter and crusher is an ideal tool to cut, crush and store the tablets. It is very useful for the people who have difficulty in swallowing the tablets whole or have limited dexterity.

It is made of high grade plastic and is cleverly constructed to be used as a cutter, crusher, container and drinking cup. The removable tablet cutter on the top has integrated double-sided stainless steel blade to effortlessly cut tablets in half. The arms with ridges hold any size tablet; smoothly cut even the larger tablets unlike other tablet cutters.

Below the cutter you will find the built-in pill container to store medication; suitable for both smaller and larger pills.

The crusher portion of the tool crushes pills into a fine powder that can be mixed with food or beverage. The inside hollow portion of the crusher serves as a drinking cup that can be used to mix the crushed pills with prescribed beverage and to drink the same.

If most of the time you don’t use the pill cutter then you can simply remove it and use rest of the tool as a crusher and drinking cup. Use the built-in container to cap the drinking cup.

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Pill Cutter and Crusher with Cup Pill Cutter and Crusher with Cup USD$ 8.75
Pill Cutter and Crusher
Pill Cutter Crusher
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