Pillbox - 7 Day AM/PM Pill Organizer
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Pillbox - 7 Day AM/PM Pill Organizer
  • 7 day / 2x daily pill box organizer and reminder
  • Durable plastic with transparent easy lock lids
  • Deeper individual pockets – suited for more or larger pills
  • Suitable for traveling where routines can be erratic
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Pillboxes are a great way to organize your medications on a regular basis. With the increasing use of supplements as well as the need for long term medication, this is a suitable help.

This pill box has 14 compartments that are color coded to help those with daily medication needs at twice daily.

Easy see through lids can help you keep track of your medication and the snap on mechanism will ensure that your pills don’t pop out. The design is suited for easy handling of the tablets.

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Pillbox – 7 Day AM/PM Pillbox - 7 Day AM/PM USD$ 14.55
Pillbox - 7 Day AM/PM
Pillbox - 7 Day AM/PM
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