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Pouch Arm
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Pouch Arm Sling (Tropical) Adjustable and Light - Weight
  • Supports and holds the arm after injury or surgical treatment for recuperation.
  • Durable and soft sling material and Ethafoam padded shoulder strap; comfortably holds the arm.
  • Adjustable non-elastic sizing strap; uniformly distributes weight of injured arm over the shoulder.
  • Thumb loop : restricts wrist loop and prevents sling migration.
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The pouch arm sling is designed to hold, support, protect and immobilize the injured, broken or surgically operated arm during recuperation. It maintains the flexion position of the arm which helps in faster healing.It is suitable for tropical regions with hot and humid weather conditions.

It has anatomical shape with smart and sleek design which keeps the chest area free which assists in ventilation and comfort.

It has three layered P.U. bonded fabric which is soft to skin, highly durable, wrinkle free and non-tearable. The non-stretching strap provides stability to the injured arm and evenly distributes its weight over the shoulder.

The provided side buckle ensures single touch opening and closing which helps in easy application and removal. Other features include an adjustable Ethafoam shoulder pad to support the point of maximum pressure and a thumb loop for required hand rest to reduce thumb fatigue.

The sling is adjustable which helps you maintain a customized angle of flexion. The product is suitable for both right and left arm. It comes in different sizes (CH: 50-60 cms, S: 70-80 cms, M: 80-90 cms, L: 90-100 cms, XL: 100-110 cms). For sizing, measure circumference around the chest below the shoulders.

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Pouch Arm Sling (Tropical) Adjustable and Light Weight Pouch Adjustable USD$ 14.93
Pouch Arm Sling
Pouch Adjustable
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