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Yoga Palms
    PVC dotted Yoga Palms   Yoga Palms Pvc Dotted   Yoga Palms PVC   Yoga Palms Dotted  
PVC dotted Yoga Palms
  • Pair of PVC dotted Yoga Palms: Cut fingers allow free stretch of extremities.
  • PVC dots on Palms provide firm grip to assist fully stretched Movement to Palms and hands.
  • Anti-Slip Grip of Palms prevent injuries & strain while practicing Postures accurately.
  • Made of Blended Cotton; help maintains the Spinal Alignment without undue strain.
  • Black in color, Unisex, Free-Size; delicate on Palms; Machine Washable; Natural dry.
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Yoga Palms let us perform Yoga postures and difficult Asanas accurately with ease. They are very comfortable to use and very delicate on palm-skin. They do not leave any rashes or cuts on palms.

The Yoga Palms have PVC dots which tend to maintain the grip between palms and surface which allows the fully stretched movement and stretching of hands. Also these palms bear some percentage of pressure while practicing Yoga in hand & surface contact poses.

They help in maintaining balance, spine alignment, and performing Yoga Postures correctly. Yoga practice can be done on any surface like cotton yoga mats, grass mats etc. Those who don’t want to use sticky yoga mats because of their artificial feel and pungent smell, must have Yoga palms to perform Yoga on any surface.

They are of free size and can be used by men and women both. They are machine wash safe but have to be dried naturally.

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PVC dotted Yoga Palms PVC dotted Yoga Palms USD$ 4.95
PVC dotted Yoga Palms
PVC dotted Yoga Palms
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