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Pet Grooming Glove
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Right Hand Pet Grooming Glove
  • Right Hand Glove: Adjustable; Free Size with Stick-on Strap, Gentle on Pet's skin; Durable
  • High Quality 180 Silicone Bristles detangle hair and relax its body by massaging gently
  • Works like a bath brush; Helps clean pet’s confined parts, cleans its hair and removes dirt
  • Helpful in removing loose pet hair,improvises pet's health by stimulating blood circulation
  • Made of Rubber (Blue) & Fabric (Black)mesh; Easy to wash; Dries quickly
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We all love our pets and try our best to keep them clean and healthy. Also, we want to stay safe and germ free. To deal with such situations, this pet grooming grove is a useful help.

This glove actually imitates our hand and gives the feel of our touch to the pet. Massaging them gently or patting them slowly wearing this glove makes them feel our love and care. It has silicone bristles which make it a convenient bath brush also. It helps in cleaning the pet completely even its confined parts like between and behind the legs. We generally don't feel safe and hygienic while cleaning these parts of our pets. This glove removes dirt and detangles pet’s hair. It also helps in removing loose pet hair from the floor, furniture and other places at home to keep the home clean and germ - free.

It is very easy to clean. It is made of rubber at palm side and opposite side is a mesh of fabric which dries quickly. Clean your pets wearing this glove for assured hygiene and proper cleaning and show them your love and care.

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Right Hand Pet Grooming Glove Right Hand Pet Grooming Glove USD$ 11.25
Right Hand Pet Grooming Glove
Right Hand Pet Grooming
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