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Rubber Roller Massager
    Rubber Roller Massager   Rubber Roller Massager   Rubber Roller Massager   Rubber Roller Massager  
Rubber Roller Massager
  • Handheld roller massager has smooth & robust rubber spikes to massage leg muscles deeply
  • Massage increases blood circulation, reduces muscle soreness and speeds muscle recovery
  • Self-use ensures effective massage on leg calf, thighs, hamstrings, forearms etc.
  • Carefully designed spikes helps to put pressure on trigger points to knead out stress & tension
  • Roller made of Rubber; Hand Grip made of PVC; Colour- Random; Portable & Light weight
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With the kind of lifestyle that we are having, massage therapy is important for an individual to relieve stress and headaches, promote relaxation, improve flexibility, circulation and promote deeper breathing.

The introduction of this massager is extremely helpful and effective. The product helps in maintaining blood pressure and provides relaxation of acupuncture. The best thing is that you do not have to learn any specific technique to use it. It is portable and light weight thus, can be used while travelling, at office etc.

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Rubber Roller Massager Rubber Roller Massager USD$ 8.50
Rubber Roller Massager
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