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Rubber Cooling Bag
    Rubber Cooling Ice Bag   Rubber Ice Bag   Rubber Round Bag   Rubber Cooling Ice Bag  
Rubber Cooling Ice Bag
  • Made of Skin friendly durable rubber material.
  • Provided with plastic cap, Light weight & water proof.
  • Prevents swelling, inflammation and blood clot formation.
  • Reduces the temperature during high fever.
  • Useful for rehabilitation of injuries and other chronic problems.
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This round shaped rubber ice bag is a very convenient tool for cold therapy. It comes in a round shape, with a plastic cap. It is best suited for cold therapy which is required for immediate relief from pain, swelling, sprains and strains. During an initial injury it prevents swelling, inflammation, blood clot formation and enhances the flow of nutrients, removes the waste products which help in healing the wounds.

Using a rubber ice bag for cooling is a simplest and safest way to have the benefits of cold therapy.

Its use is recommended in physiotherapy and is useful for rehabilitation of injuries or other chronic problems. It can be easily stored or carried while travelling. It is light-weight and water-proof, useful for the whole family.

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Rubber Cooling Ice Bag User Friendly Acupressure Clip USD$ 6.50
Rubber Cooling Ice Bag
Rubber Cooll Ice Bag
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