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Scalp & Head Massagers - Set of 3
  • Eases the tension in the nerves and relieves headache and stress.
  • Well designed - wooden grip and stainless steel fingers with touch points of solid resin.
  • Compact shape ,easy to use in home and while travelling.
  • 3 pcs. Set - can be used for gifting friends and relatives.
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The scalp massager is a scientifically designed hand tool. It has wooden end at the top to provide fatigue free grip, also has twisted arm so that all the 12 fingers are bound tightly which results in durability of the product.

The 12 flexible fingers made of high grade stainless steel soft tipped wires. These flex to follow the contour of the head and produce the most amazing sensations. The smooth resin tips of the multi-pronged fingers delicately pass over your scalp. The tingling effect transcendsfrom the head to extremities creating a holistic sensation.

This head massager is highly durable and breakage free. It can be used anywhere and anytime as it is very handy.So grab this deal to get the most exhilarating massage every time!!

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Scalp & Head Massagers - Set of 3 Scalp Head Massager USD$ 12.37
Scalp Head Massagers
Scalp Head Massager
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"Great stuff and I received it fast but I ordered all the same kind of soap and got three different kinds. "

30 May,2017

from Calgary , Canada


"I have been buying several products from health and yoga for myself, and also for friends and relatives who are interested. I was hooked to the site when I bought a stainless steel jalneti pot, an absolute beauty and a prized possession. Thereafter I began exploring the site and found many interesting things which I use regularly. "

06 May,2016

from Gurgaon , India
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