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Silicone 5-Toe Separator Pair
    Silicone Toe Separator Pair  
Silicone 5- Toe Separator Pair
  • Soft Gel guard sits perfectly on all five toes; relieves pain, provides support
  • Stretches, Spaces, Straightens & Aligns all the toes, alleviating tension
  • Soft and comfortable texture protects from and relieves Bunion pain
  • Stretchy and curved design caresses every curve of the foot avoids friction
  • 1 Pair - Standard size-fits all; washable, reusable, long-lasting design
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The silicone gel toe separator is a great tool for various feet ailments. Made out of high quality soft silicone gel, the toe separator, as its name suggests, works as a toe spacer and guard. The soft cushioned tool holds all five toe simultaneously and helps the feet relax. Used for relieving pain, correcting Bunion – Hallux Valgus, overlapping and crooked toes, it is also great for athletes and yoga practitioners, as the silicone guard allows support and helps the feet muscles rejuvenate.

The gel guard also works as an excellent tool for people suffering from constant feet pain, or people who frequently use tight and un-breathable footwear, since the guard holds and supports all toes together, the muscles relax and rejuvenate. It can be worn at home, while watching TV, while sleeping or can even be worn with wide toed running/training shoes. So, put on a pair and forget all about your stressed feet, because when in the toe separator, they’re happy and healthy.

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Silicone 5- Toe Separator Pair Silicone Toe Separator Pair USD$ 8.99
Silicone 5- Toe Separator Pair
Silicone 5 Toe Separator Pair
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