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Silicone Heel Protectors
    Silicone Heel Protectors  
Silicone Heel Protectors (1 Pair)
  • Heel Protectors: Reduces heel shock to prevent common joint pain.
  • Made of Medical grade silicone: provides extra cushioning and stability.
  • Keeps heel bone safe from the pain of daily standing, walking & poorly padded footwear.
  • Protects skin from painful irritation, blisters and diminishes cracked fee.
  • One size for all; Durable, Reusable and Hand washable.
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Heel Protectors are very helpful to treat daily discomfort that we end up with after standing and walking. Our heel bears a lot of pressure and fatigue. It tends to get cracks and blisters. To avoid such painful conditions, supportive cushioning like heel shields work wonders. They cover the heel softly and provide complete warmth. Medical Grade silicone absorbs the pressure and shock providing complete comfort to the heel.

These silicone heel protectors are reusable and washable. Silicone heel protectors are stretchable and very flexible. One size fits all.

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Silicone Heel Protectors (1 Pair) Silicone Heel Protectors USD$ 4.25
Silicone Heel Protectors
Silicone Heel Protectors
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