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Silicone Bottle
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Silicone Bottle for Travel Fluids
  • Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone; Non-Sticky and Odorless; Light in weight.
  • Easy to fill: Plastic cap at the top; Safe for dishware, Microwave, Oven and Freezer.
  • Very flexible - can be easily squeezed; Leak proof; Pin hole in built with the cap for optimal flow.
  • Can be easily hung on mirror surface with the help of suction cups; Durable.
  • Available in choice of Blue / Pink color; Capacity 37ml. will not create problem in handbag for air travel.
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When we travel, it is always wise to carry minimum and essential luggage with us. Shampoos, hand wash, gels, moisturizer and other daily-use fluids which we can’t ignore while travelling have to be carried.

We generally use large bottles at home for daily purpose. While travelling, these large bottles are not required to keep. The essential amount can be carried easily in cute little silicone bottles. They are handy, leak-proof and require very less space. They can be stuck on the walls with the help of suction cups and can be used comfortably without any mess.

All backpacking lovers as well as professionals who are mostly on official tours can make these bottles as essential entity of their travel bag.

Item Photos Select Color Price
Silicone Bottle for Travel Bottle Travel USD$ 4.90
Silicone Bottle for Travel Set of 2 Bottle Travel USD$ 12.25
Silicone Bottle for Travel Set of 4 Bottle Travel USD$ 19.08
Silicone Bottle for Travel
Bottle Travel
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