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Soft Silicone Toe - Spacers
    Ultra Soft Silicone Toe  
Ultra-soft Silicone Toe - Spacers 1 Pair
  • Gel Toe Spacer: Made of medical grade silicone; flexible; One size for all.
  • 2 Loops hold the spacer firmly, providing relief and comfort to the Big Toe.
  • Provides proper spacing and alignment between Crooked, Overlapping Toes.
  • Super-Soft Silicone Separator soothes the prickling irritation between toes.
  • Available as 1 Pair (2 pcs) - Can be worn under shoes as well, Reusable and Washable.
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2 Loop Toe-separator provides a healing touch to crooked and overlapped toes. It restores the normal foot anatomy that can get deformed by standing, running and other daily operations that our feet bear. Our toes face the pressure of body weight. If the weight is not balanced appropriately, this excess continued pressure can deform tissues and is also a cause of severe pain. To avoid such conditions, it is advised that toe separators must be used continuously in routine life. This can help reducing the pain and keeping future deformities at a bay. These are ultra-soft and soothing on the skin. With a cushion, they heal the daily wear and tear of tissues and revive them for daily pressure.

They are flexible and reusable. They should be hand washed only.

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Ultra-soft Silicone Toe - Spacers 1 Pair Ultra Soft Silicone Toe USD$ 8.20
Ultra-soft Silicone Toe - Spacers 1 Pair
Ultra Soft Silicone Toe
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"Very pleased with this product - comfortable enough to wear with shoes during the day! "

06 Feb,2017

from Arvada , United States
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