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Spring Hand Exerciser
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Spring Hand Exerciser
  • Lightweight - Spring Based tool for hand toning
  • Moderately stiff – convenient for most people
  • Helps build strength of fingers, metacarpals and knuckles
  • Suitable Rehab Aid for recovery from weakness
  • Increase compression reps for better workout
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This hand exerciser is a spring based device that works by gripping the exerciser and pulling the spring attached bar towards the gripped bar. These are moderate stiffness springs so is convenient for most people to compress fully. The aim is to do as many reps as is conveniently possible at a time and increase gradually. This is also a handy exerciser for recovery from hand stiffness, especially due to injury or weakness. As it works on the extremities, it is beneficial for circulation and nerve strengthening and sensitivity. Also, a suitable rehab aid to increase the mobility and strength of the knuckle joints.

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Spring Hand Exerciser Spring Hand Exerciser USD$ 9.95
Spring Hand Exerciser
Spring Hand Exerciser
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