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Measuring Spoons
    Steel Measuring Spoons   Stainless Steel Measuring   Steel Measuring Set 4   Steel Spoons Set 4  
Measuring Spoons – 4 pc. Set
  • Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons: Adequate length; holds Accurate Quantity.
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive; Easy to wash; Bright finish; light in weight; long Lasting.
  • Measurements Clearly Engraved on the spoons: Easy to distinguish.
  • 4 measures: 1.25ml=1/4 Teaspoon; 2.50ml=1/2 Teaspoon; 5ml=1 Teaspoon and 15 ml = 1 Tablespoon.
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Home medication and various applications, require accurate, non-toxic measures of the medication. In cooking too, accurate measures go a long way in contributing to a make-or-break dish. Spices, condiments, flavorings – all need specific measures. This stainless steel measuring spoon set serves as a wonderful utility set with a set of 4 measuring spoons that provide standard measures. These spoons restricts the over and under use of ingredients or dosages. To deliver the best experience, these spoons are intelligently designed with a round bottom and without any sharp edges to avoid nicks and cuts. It is easy to select the required spoon as the measurements are engraved along the length of each spoon. They are easy to wash in dishwashers and are sterilizable too.

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Measuring Spoons – 4 pc. Set Measuring Spoons USD$ 8.75
Measuring Spoons – 4 pc. Set
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