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Natural Sweetener
    Natural Sweetene  
Stevia Leaves (Whole) - Natural Sweetener
  • Stevia leaves – 50 gms; healthy sugar substitute (25-30 times sweeter than the sugar).
  • USFDA Approved - Rich in minerals, salt, vitamins, phyto-nutrients, proteins and fiber.
  • Controls diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and dental cavities.
  • An effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral anti-oxidant and anti-ageing agent.
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Stevia is a natural sweetener which comes from a plant species Stevia rebaudiana. It is around 30 times sweeter than the sugar. It is a great substitute for sugar and can be used for variety of sugar-free or reduced calorie foods.

It is a zero-calorie sweetener with no side - effects. It is also rich in minerals, salts, vitamins, proteins and fibres. Its medicinal properties include anti bacterial, anti oxidant, anti viral and anti ageing.

It is a great weight loss aid and cardiac tonic. It helps in diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and dental care.

It gives natural taste of sweetness without any harmful effects. It is the safest and easiest mean to control your calorie intake, hence ideal for fitness seekers and weight conscious.

The sweetener is heat stable; can be used for both hot and cold preparation such as tea, coffee, juices, etc. Based on various research works, it is proved that use of stevia as a sugar substitute helps in management of various ailments.

Directions for use :

You can use stevia leaves directly in place of sugar or can prepare concentrated syrup. To prepare the concentrate; Take 2 liters of water and add the 50 gms of stevia leaves then boil on the flame till the volume reduced to 1.5 liters. Filter out the leaves and let the concentrate cool then fill in suitable container or capped bottles and refrigerate the concentrate. Use the concentrate as per your taste or requirement.

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Natural Sweetener
Natural Sweetene
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