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Tablet Crusher
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Tablet Crusher With Pill Storage
  • Crushes hard-to-swallow pills into fine powder for easier swallowing.
  • Storage area is provided in the cap for extra pills.
  • Winged design for better crushing with least effort.
  • See-through clear bottom for viewing pill crushing.
  • Made of high grade plastic; durable and dishwasher safe.
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The pill crusher is designed to crush pills or tablets into a fine powder that can be consumed with liquids or food. It makes taking medication easy and is very useful for those who have difficulty in swallowing whole pills.

The winged design assists in comfort grip and effective twisted motion with least effort to completely crush the pills into a fine powder. This design also helps the people with weakened grip or arthritis. In addition to this an inverse molding process helps to create a tight seal that enable the user to apply more pressure for better results.

The crusher is made of heavy duty plastic and the smooth grinding surface prevents loss of medication to ensure accuracy of dose.A storage area is provided under the cap to store the pills or vitamins.

The bottom of the crusher is translucent that enables you to see pill crushing accordingly you can manage the twist of the crusher to get the pills in desired powdered form.

The pill crusher offers a safe and fast method for pill crushing. It is handy, durable and dishwasher safe.

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Tablet Crusher With Pill Storage Tablet Crusher Storage USD$ 8.75
Tablet Crusher With Pill Storage
Tablet Crusher Storage
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