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Tablet Cutter
    Tablet Cutter – Pill Splitter   Pill Splitter   Pill Box   Medicine Cutter  
Tablet Cutter – Pill Splitter
  • Pocket size, lightweight and good quality plastic
  • Safe design – cutting edge is positioned safely at the rear
  • Sharp, symmetrical splitting of tablets of any size
  • Small Built-in storage containers for storing the pills
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Slide the tablet into position on the tapered guides provided to have a smooth fit
Hold tight the pill cutter unit from outside. Keep your finger / thumb away
Press the lid down downwards so that knife edge rests on the cutting position
Exert moderate pressure to get a neat cut
Store pill within container or remove as required
Close lid after use

The pill splitter is made of a high quality plastic and you can rinse with warm soapy water after use to remove traces of medication within box or knife edge. Allow to dry before next use

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Tablet Cutter – Pill Splitter Tablet Cutter USD$ 5.00
Tablet Cutter – Pill Splitter
Tablet Cutter – Pill Splitter
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