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Jala Neti Pot Testimonials

" Honestly, I'm very impressed. The combination choices for your products were very well thought out (we ordered the Neti pot with pre-measured packets of salt). I am very pleased that you deliver overseas, and that you offer the option of using PayPal. Our order arrived much earlier than expected, exactly as we had ordered it. We're also extremely happy with the Neti pot itself. My husband has suffered with chronic sinus infections for years, and he was very skeptical about trying the Neti pot, but now he uses it religiously. It has improved his sinus problems in a huge way.

The instruction booklet was very handy, and the pre-packaged salt made it easy for him to get used to using the Neti-pot, by taking the guess work out of measuring. We could have bought a plastic or ceramic style Neti pot here in The Netherlands, but for about the same price we were able to order the much better stainless steel version from your company. Also, after visiting your website and reading through the instruction booklet, I felt reassured that you take your business seriously and that you were knowledgeable about the product. I've recommended your Neti pot to three people so far, and I wouldn't be surprised if all three place an order at some point. And I will continue recommending it to others. Thanks very much for the great products and service! ."

" I just wanted to say that I am absolutely delighted with your products. I had purchased a neti pot of yours off of ebay a while ago and was very satisfied with it so I purchased two more directly from your site to share with friends. I kept one of the new ones for myself and was delighted to find that the few improvements I would have made had been done! It looks like the newest version of the pot is just slightly different from the older in that the nozzle is just a bit narrower so the water provides a little more pressure. This is the main improvement I was hoping for. The nose cone is a little differently shaped which seems to make it fit even better. I noticed the "girdle" around the top is also larger to make it easier to hold. Anyway, I just want to say it's very refreshing to see that someone has taken the time to fine tune this instrument and continue working to make it the best product out there. Thanks for your dedication to this wonderful healing practice!

P.S. I had tried other neti pots and gave up. I didn't know at the time, but it was all due to terrible directions. Once I found out that temperature, salinity, and angle make a HUGE difference, I became a daily neti user without hesitation. I'm so glad you've put together a really thorough teaching method to help people get over these hurdles."

- Mark

" I am a firm believer in the Neti pot. I get sick this time of year (sep-feb) every year for the last 10 years, and it gets worse every year. Last year I went through 2 strings of antibiotics. I tried the neilmed positive pressure sinus rinse and hated it because it affected my ears (it did cure me though). Someone told me about your website and as soon as it came in I watched the video and began rinsing. usually when I get sick I stay sick for at least a month. I am proud to report that I haven't felt better. 3 days of rinsing and the sinus infection is gone. Now I rinse daily.

My friend is a underwater welder, he does a lot of diving and has sinus issues a lot. A lot of his friends use nasal sprays to clear up their sinuses but get nose bleeds as a result. I told him about your product and he cant wait to get his. Thanks again. My quality of life this time of year is excellent thanks to Neti. Now I don't have to worry about getting sick and work and surf the entire winter season. A very satisfied customer. "

Allyn. W, Hawaii

" Hello- Recently we ordered first one, and then later, a second of your stainless steel NETI pots for nasal irrigation. The email confirmations were prompt, the items arrived very quickly, and the billing was all done properly. In short, the whole transaction was done very professionally. As for the NETI pots themselves, they are the best we've seen after searching both local stores and the internet widely. The design is superb and owing to the steel construction, they are extremely rugged (they may be dentable, but they won't break like the competitions' plastic and ceramic models). Thanks again. Your product has helped our sinus problems, and the price was more than fair too! "

J.Hite, MD

" I felt the website offered plenty of information to prepare me for my purchase. The netipot arrived in a timely manner, exactly as described. A bonus was the warm email I received confirming my purchase & shipping date. So refreshing to receive an email written from the soul & spirit, from someone who doesn't know me but who sends out love & light nonetheless. I felt hugged electronically & enjoyed it. Thank you for your energy. "

Jennifer Greene, Chestnut Hill, MA

" Thank you for sending my Neti Pot so quickly. It arrived three days after I ordered it. I am very pleased with the Neti Pot and the effects of using it. This is a very dry climate, and, due to growing population density, there is often a high level of air pollution in the area. Also, I work in an industrial environment in which the air is not clean. For years I had been bothered by frequent migraine headaches, sinus infections, and nosebleeds. Now, using the Neti Pot, I wash my nasal passages with warm isotonic saline solution before retiring every night, and the headaches, sinus problems, and nosebleeds have stopped. Also, I have not had any colds lately, so I think that daily use of the Neti Pot is assisting my immune system. I only wish that I had known about this years ago. Thank you very much for making information about this available on the Internet, which is where I stumbled across it, and thank you for offering the Neti Pots for sale. "

Jade R. Coyote, Boulder, Colorado

" It is my second neti pot from you. I ordered a second one as a backup because the first has become an obvious "essential" to me for my health since a sinus surgery I had in early February. Twice a day nasal washes were ordered by my doctors, as they have heard the same information you have mentioned on your web site - ENT doctors have caught on to the value of neti. I told them I was using a yoga neti pot rather than the oversized syringe they offered. Can you imagine, a 1.5 inch wide syringe fitted with a conical nozzle which one was supposed to shoot up the nose. They didn't even have a concept of water flowing from one nostril to the other! Well meaning folks, of course. Anyway, I told them I was going to use a neti pot, which they had heard of and they had no objection.

Your product is obviously the best design and most durable of anything on the market. I ordered the second one just in case I somehow lost the first, or to give as a gift in case a family member or friend becomes "in need" and interested. I can tell you that my subjective experience of jala neti is appreciated as a gift from God, just as are all of the other yoga practices I have practiced for many years. I offer prayers before each neti. Oh, I'm human, I forget sometimes, but mostly remember because of the gratitude I feel for the improvement of my sinus condition, and the exhilarating boost to consciousness that neti brings.

Your training VIDEO CD was most helpful. It was really well done, clear, not over repetitive, hit the mark just right. I'd recommend it to all of your purchasers. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the video is much more direct and accessible than the booklet.

So bless you and your business. I'm a very satisfied customer. "

Tom Miller, Fairfield, IA

"I think you probably know my sentiments about your jala neti pots. I think I have purchased at least ten or twelve, and have shared them with many of my friends.

After fourteen months without a cold, in the past week I had a virus, with low grade fever. I did not have the terrible head congestion this time. Regular irrigation with the jala neti pot kept my airway clear almost continuously. I did not require decongestants and did not develop secondary sinusitis. The irrigation routine has helped me remain cold free for fourteen months, and when the inevitable infection finally occurred, I did not have the secondary sinus infection which so often occurs.

By the way, the CD is a wonderful addition. Thank you for providing that. I now know how to do the secondary irrigation of the posterior pharynx. Without the CD I would not have figured it out.

The order arrived in perfect condition, and very much on time.

Thank you for living up to the content of your advertising."

R. Paul Caudill, Jr, Jackson, TN

" My neti pot came just in time, as I had used it for barely a week when my allergies reached a new high (or should I say "low"). I had become proficient and comfortable enough to begin using it 3-4 times a day and am just now finishing up the 2-week cycle. Your very clear instructions and pointers (especially for DRYING the sinuses!) were invaluable in getting me through this. I purchased Dr. Grossan's sinus irrigation tip a few years back, but never used it more than a week or so at a time. I tried again 2 months ago, but hated the noise of the waterpick and didn't feel as though I had enough guidance. Then the motor died, which seemed like a sign to try another approach. I'd heard about how difficult neti pots can be to use, but found your website and am delighted with the results. My head is so much clearer and I have more energy, too.."

K.H, Mill Valley, CA

" Your Jala Neti Pot is without question, the best product on the market. It's the construction and the obvious "real world" experience informing the design. I am learning to use it well, with additional thanks to you for the wonderful manual which came included, a document more accurate and better written than anything I have read on the subject of nasal irrigation. You are to be commended and in the future, you will have my business. Thank you. "

E.S, Seattle, WA

" The Jala Neti kit arrived promptly, and while it has not majically cured all my sinus problems, it has reduced my problems and improved my sinus health. I am very satisfied with it, and the product quality."

M.H, Kempner, TX

" I recently purchased the neti pot...I really can't think of anything negative to say about it. It's done great things for my summer allergies. I breathe clearly ALL DAY! and I can really feel it when I haven't done it for a day or 2. Anyone with sinus problems should try this. My allergies were horrible... but not anymore. "

A.P, Fridley, Minnesota

"The Neti Pot is wonderful. I have had three sinus surgeries this past year. Taking Predisone and antibiotic in mega doses. I would still be going to the Doctor and taking these dangerous drugs if it were not for the Neti. Even though it is difficult to learn exactly how to use it properly it is well worth the effort. It took me about a week to get the correct water flow through my nasal passage but, it is working great and no medication at all. I feel so much better. I can breathe."

Ruth Summerlin, Theodore, LA

"I'm 33 and Ive experienced 33 years of problems with sinuses, asthma, childhood deafness as a result, adenoids removed etc etc and chronic allergies to dust, hay fever, anger + frustration as a result.

The pot and the beginners method is easy to get into and has worked extremely well, within a couple of months.

I'm continuously more flowing with the breath and clearer thinking as my brain doesn't heat up to panic temperature anymore, the head feels cooler and I don't get frustrated and impatient or need to sneeze painfully, for hours through a toilet roll if I'm in a dusty environment."

Andrew Taylor, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

"I did receive the neti pot and have really benefited from it

My husband has a cold this week and I told him how much using the neti pot would help. At first he balked just at the idea of doing it. I showed him, told him that it may feel strange at first, but once you've done it, you'll find you're head feeling much better

Well, he started using the pot two days ago....after a while he asked, "Can I do it more than once a day?" I told him yes. It's relieved him of a lot of pain associated with a sinus cold.

This is a miracle for both of us....thank You!!!"

Fran Lenzo, Tucson, AZ

"I absolutely could not live without my neti pot! I have NOT been on antibiotics for a sinus infection at all this winter! I used to be treated at least three times over the winter months for sinus infection! Even when I become extremely congested (which is very rare, now), using the neti pot a few times over the course of a day clears me up, and instantly relieves the painful sinus pressure. I can even feel the difference in the eyes...it feels like it even clears the tears ducts! I wasn't sure using my neti pot would be easy to keep up as a routine, but I actually look forward to using it! It is very refreshing, not unlike brushing your teeth or getting a good soak in the tub. It rejuvenates me! The minute I found the email you left me about the video, I went and ordered another neti pot (for my mom) and the video. I, too, have been curious as to how the advance stage of neti is performed. Jala neti is the simplest, yet most effective, treatment for my infection-prone sinuses. I sound like an infomercial!!! In all seriousness, thank you for such a great product."

Monica Friel, Hammonton, NJ

"Thank you very much for the quick delivery!!!!! It am really enjoying the neti pot. I am a RN/Paramedic who has allergies and asthma. I have had two sinus operations and depend on the use of Claritin D and Flonase every day. My nasal breathing is just amazing!! The neti pot is so easy to use. I have cut my dose of Flonase in half. I will be a neti pot user for life. I plan on introducing patients and family members to this practice. Hopefully, I will be giving you several more orders soon."

Dean B. Meyer, Indianapolis, IN

"You have changed my life!!! I am very grateful! The neti pot is totally amazing. I was always a mouth breather and suffered with allergies and asthma. I have to remind myself now that I can breathe through my nose. My eyes were always yellow and red. My eyes have cleared up so much; it's noticeable. My whole family has started this regime. My 11 year old asthma sufferer does it without any reminding. She can tell a huge difference in her health. I recently redid my front yard with new grass sod and I did not get a headache which I've always had hay fever. One other note, I also have better colon health with the neti pot. That might sound odd to you, but it is true. It's cleared up some of the mucus in my body. And it's the only lifestyle change we've made. It just gets better. I haven't started the enemas yet so It's totally related to the neti pot. I've been meaning to order more neti pots so we can each have our own."

Donna Dodgen, Palm Harbor, FL

" The quality of the product is excellent and through using the Neti pot on a regular basis,I was able to be delivered from an chronic Sinus infection. February and March are usually terrible months for me. The Neti Pot treatments have been incredibly effective. The large capacity of the pot coupled with the ease of caring for stainless steel makes it a double bargain. "

Mark Pilgrim, Eaglewood, CO

" We received the Stainless Steel Neti Pot very quickly; I believe it was within a week of the order. We have been using it and appreciate the results. I had problems with post-nasal drip for several weeks after having a cold and nothing else that I tried had worked. My husband has severe allergies and nasal polyps and he has found that it helps his breathing a lot. "

Julie P. Robinson, Billings, Montana

" I have received both (Neti pots) that I have ordered, and they are fantastic! My massage therapist recommended that my wife and I each get one, that they would solve our sinus problems, and she was right. They have. It takes a while, but they have, quite literally, changed our lives. I have since encouraged several of my friends, who have also purchased from you. "

Edward Roberts, Blue Springs, MO

" I am truly amazed at how effective this product is. I bought one for my mother and I. My mother has been suffering almost her entire life with sinus headaches, and having damaged her ear as a child, this greatly
increased the severity of her condition. A couple of years ago she underwent a septoplasty in order to correct drainage and to remove infected sinuses, along with several polyps. They had to correct this problem before they could perform surgery on her ear. Unfortunately, it did not correct her problem of an ever-present sinus infection. As a result, she remained taking several sinus medications a day. When I gave her the pot for her birthday, she was very skeptical, but she tried it anyway before she went to bed. She was amazed the next morning that she had slept with her mouth closed, didn't wake with dry mouth and didn't have to wake during the night to get more medication like she did every night. Her headaches have gone away and her ear problems have
been drastically reduced. Since she started using the neti pot a month ago, she has not had to take anymore sinus medications to relieve her pain. She calls it a miracle, and I think it is too. Thank you for giving us a product that has ended years of suffering for my mother!."

Graziano P DiCiaula, Warren, NJ

" I am very pleased with my recent purchase from you. My order arrived even sooner than I expected, and the jala neti pot is everything you promised it would be--and more! Because of allergies, I suffer from a constant state of head "stuffiness." I have tried medicines, with little or no results. Recently, I have had to suffer through my symptoms due to being in a state of either pregnancy or nursing for the last couple of years. (I refuse to take any allergy meds while pregnant or nursing.) The jala neti pot has given me so much relief from sinus pressure and has made breathing so much easier--much better than any meds I've ever tried--that I will continue to use it on a daily basis even when I am no longer nursing. I will never even bother with allergy medicines ever again. They never really worked for me anyway. I am so glad to have found an easy and natural (not to mention super INEXPENSIVE) way to alleviate the allergy symptoms that I've suffered from for years. I can't thank you enough for providing such a wonderful (and surprisingly easy to use) product. I'm hooked!"

Jennifer Hicks, Auburn, NE

" Good Morning, and i can say that with real meaning now, THANKS TO MY NETI POT. It is the best thing I have ever bought, I used to think i was dieing for I could not breath, and was getting difficult to get out of bed, and take all day to do nothing,Your site is on mine, and i am telling every body about it, including making a blog, in 4 days I was completely cleared and now I can do anything, I feel good, Thanks to you."

S. Tyson

" Your nasal irrigator is the greatest invention. It has helped erase sinus problems in addition to great benefit with air allergies. I have purchased several pots for friends since buying my first one. Thanks much."

A.Clayton, Arlington, TX

" The Jala Neti Kit arrived in fine shape ­ this is the second I�ve ordered, the first one being for myself. So both arrived just fine and in much shorter time than I had anticipated.
Health and Yoga�s stainless steel Neti pot seems to me particularly well adapted to Jala Neti. Having done Jala Neti for about a month now, I can attest to its beneficial effects. I had always been affected by ­ how can I say? - �tight� nostrils that created considerable friction in the air flow. Jala Neti has cleared that away, as well as creating some more subtle effects.
I�ve been telling all my friends about your products. I think you�ve done a great job of selecting high quality and affordable items for yoga practices.. I appreciate that you don�t offer dozens of different articles of every different kind, but instead concentrate on those few items you consider to be the �best of their class�. I�ll be back for more!."

P.C, Santa Barbara, CA

" The ordering process was easy and trouble-free. I received my neti pot in less time than was quoted to me, which was a nice surprise! And the Neti pot itself has been easy to use -- I'm sure I'll use it daily as the weather gets colder and drier!"

S.Lang, Cincinnati, Ohio

" I received the neti pot and I use it every day. I have integrated it into my morning hygiene routine. I think it is helping keep my sinusitis at bay and I have actually come to enjoy it. I have recommended it to others and hope they will have the open mindedness to try it. Cheers."

Jennifer Browne, Santa Fe, NM

" I was happy with how quickly you sent it to me (well under the quoted time) and the Neti pot is GREAT. It works much better than ceramic Neti pots I have tried - it is larger and gets the water through more efficiently. I'm very pleased!"

Janeen Miles, San Pablo, CA

" Got it. It took me about a week to learn the technique. Easy now. My sinuses are much clearer and post nasal drip nearly gone. I can now sleep with my mouth closed - therefore - noring is 95& gone. My wife is sleeping better. I belong to four different singing groups. No more throat clearing as before. The product is excellent. I learned about this concept from a fellow "barbershop harmony singer." I'm going to post a testimonial on out website. Thanks for a natural cure. "

Michael, Granville, OH

" It arrived promptly. I was "scared" to try the neti pot, but I am already a convert. This is my third day of using it and I can feel a difference. My husband has a persistent cough that the medical profession has not been able to cure so we are hoping that this will be a homeopathic solution."

Susan G Marchesani, Newton, NJ

" I have received my neti pot - we really like it. We bought it to help my husband with sinus congestion related snoring. I am sleeping well and now we are going to buy one for his mom and her snoring. ha

I like the large size so we don't have to refill it. I don't have sinus or snoring issues - but I tried it and was amazed how my already clear breathing was clearer."

Eduardo Zambrano, Caracas, Venezuela

" I have received the neti pot, and I've been using it daily. I like it very much because I have a lot of problems breathing through my nose. I think living and working in Washington, DC has a lot to do with the problems, although I also have "structural" nose problems. There are 2 things that are very good about your neti pot; one, that it is unbreakable, and the other that it is large enough for both nostrils. I'm very happy with it."

Anonymous, Washington, DC

" I received my Neti Pot and am very pleased with it--though it does have a slight dent in bottom but in no way interfere with the working of it. I have a Granddaughter who's nose is always stuffy and she has used it several time while here--it always clears her stuffiness and she sleeps so much better--not as restless. Thank You for your prompt service--looking forward to doing further business with you."

Carol Scarselli, Earlton, NY

" Yes I received the pot before Christmas and have been using it twice a day I feel that it has helped me greatly. I no longer have been taking decongestants. Each time I use the pot it seems to flow more freely. I am assuming that this is a result of cleaning of the nasal cavity and not just from improved technique."

Bill Hughes, Madison, WI

" I have been using your neti pot for a year. It is a miracle. I used to suffer from chronic sinus infections especially during the winter. That is gone. I use the neti pot daily. Three pots a day. One pot stage one, and two pots stage two. I learned stage two on my own with your help, you were kind enough to send me detailed instructions via email. Its part of my morning routine. Now if I miss a day I can feel the difference."

Charls Stark, Shady Cove, OR

" I have received the neti pot and I am very happy with it. It works very well and I think its one of the best on the market. It was recommenced to me and I have found it to be a great help with my allergies. I received the package in a very timely manner and I have been using it consistently."

Betsey Ward, Syracuse, NY

" The recipe I got with my last pot (a ceramic one) used 1/4 tsp. salt to 8 oz water and it always "hurt" when I used it. I find that the recipe you have sent of 1/2 tsp. per 8 oz is very comfortable. Also I had never known how to dry my sinuses afterward and it has really helped. I think you have a wonderful product (and it is not likely to break like the ceramic ones I have used in the past)."

Martha Grodrian, Dayton, OH

" The Neti Pot and video arrived in good shape. My wife has been using it to relieve symptoms of menstruation and tonsilloliths (tonsil stones). Performing the Neti routine has eased her postnasal drip and lessened the frequency of her monthly headaches which were very debilitating."

William D Wilson, Lawrenceville, GA

" I received the stainless steel Neti Pot three days after placing the order, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with such prompt service. I am using the Neti pot every morning and pleased with the results, it is a habit now and do not want to start the day with out using it."

Vance A. Smith, Chimacum, WA

" I received my Neti pot a few weeks ago. It was actually for my Dad. I have one and love it so I got him one and he uses it everyday (twice) a day, and I use mine three or four times a day. We are very pleased with it. I read about the Neti pot in my Prevention magazine, and decided to try it! I hope I'm never without one!"

Sandra Brakebill, Greenbrier, AR

" I love it. I have told everyone how wonderful the neti pot it and how great it makes me feel. I'm using it once per day unless I have a sinus thing going on and then use it more."

Melody Miller, Bonner Springs, KS

" Using my Jala-Neti pot is one of the highlights of my day. I have Sjogren`s Syndrome, among other things, and it`s wonderful to have that soothing, warm water easing dryness in my nose and sinuses. I love the pot and recommend that if possible customers with severe problems get the DVD *and* the Neti salt. Ordering was smooth and easy, delivery reasonably prompt. I am a very satisfied customer."

" I thought the whole selection and ordering process was clear and easy, and my order arrived in a timely fashion. I have been using Neti pot for over 2 years now, and my sinuses are much healthier - less colds and allergies, too. The two pots I ordered were actually gifts. Thanks for your good service.."

B.W, Island, NY

" I did receive the Neti Pots and CD, thank you. The product is very nice and easy to use. The service is excellent, very personal, shich is greatly appreciated."

Barbara Rydz Roth, Barrington, Illinois

" The neti pot seems to be the ideal size and fit,and easily kept clean. I am very satisfied all around."

Corrado Di Gennaro, Burien, WA

" For the past 10 years I have lived every day with my sinus problems, but with your product they disappeared. Excellent people, excellent product. "

Jasmin- Macedonia

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